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This is a powerpoint presentation I must do base on ***Aromatherapy for sleep disorder***. the powerpoint presentation must have the following.


The topic which is Aromatherapy for sleep disorder (IMPORTANT!!!!)

– 8 – 10 slides

-When you prepare your PowerPoint, be sure that the viewer will know the following six (6) items:

  1. What the Complementary alternative Medicine practice actually is (Aromatherapy For Sleep Disorder)
  2. Who are its practitioners. (a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, especially medicine)
  3. How it is typically used.
  4. Why people use this type of practice (Aromatherapy For Sleep Disorder)
  5. Its current status in the Medical world.
  6. What evidence is there that supports its use ( must be APA STYLE and you must do a research)
  7. the powerpoint presentation must have a reference page with all the sources used for this presentation.
  8. If you use graphics in your presentation, please be sure that they are small in size and suitable for the PowerPoint format.

Please make sure you cite all the sources used and also must be APA style no plagiarism and must be valid information. This is a nursing powerpoint based on a complementary and alternative medication class.


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