The City of Los Angeles, California has been struggling with a continually climbing crime rate over the past 10 years. The Mayor has authorized an additional budget of 2 million dollars to help address the increasing crime rate. Choose a program to enhance to fight crime.

(For example purchasing police body cams, employing additional officers, funding youth programs to keep kids off the street like boys and girls club, or bringing big businesses to impoverished neighborhoods or job training skills classes.)

1)You must decide how these funds should be used:

create a budget, 1 Page Min

2-page written proposal, 2 page min

and a PowerPoint presentation outlining how the funds will be used. (intro page, etc)

2) You will also need to include why you believe your proposed programs or services will help to decrease or stop the increase in crime in the proposal

3)Describe how you would like to spend the 2 million dollars in funding, potential programs and/or services that the funds could be used for, in the proposal


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