Identify two different evaluation designs, which could be used for the outcome assessment portion of the evaluation:


  • One group pre-test/post-test


  • Matched comparison group design

Describe how these two designs could be used to answer your outcome evaluation question. 

For each, explain the timing of data collection (i.e., What does “pre” and/or “post” participation mean for your program? Will follow-up data be collected?) Explain the sample that makes up each group. (i.e., Who would be included in the sample for each group?) 

  • What strengths and limitations does each option offer? Refer to at least two threats to validity in your response. 
  • Since only one design can be used, which would you recommend, and why? 

8)  Cultural and Ethical Considerations:

Discuss how you would address cultural considerations associated with your evaluation (e.g., in the choice of measures, in the data collection process). 

  • Identify two ethical concerns that need to be considered (e.g., in choosing between design options, in data collection). How would you address these concerns in the evaluation?

9)  Discussion: Respond to one of the following discussion questions:(A or B)

  1. Discuss why you chose to focus on this particular program. What was it about the program that drew your interest? Why do you think the program is important? Be sure to use terms from this class in your response.
  2. Identify whether your program participants were primarily individual children/youth, or multiple family members. 
  • If the focus was on individual children, discuss ways that family members could be involved in the program. How do you think this family involvement would change the individual child’s experience or outcomes?
  • If the focus was on multiple family members, discuss specific reasons why you think this approach is, or is not, important for the program’s success.

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