Q1 the raiders’ shopping centre would like to replace the stairs between the different levels with ramps. They approach warriors’ bank to borrow $250000 to cover the total cost of doing this development. Warriors bank agrees to lend them the $250000 as a reducible loan and requires this amount to be repaid back over 10 years at an interest rate of 6.75%pa. The loan repayment are to be paid every month. 1 Warriors bank is an authorised deposited deposit taking institution (ADI).describe the activities undertaken by an ADI.2 CALCULATE THE SIZE OF THE LOAN REPAYMENTS THAT THE RAIDERS SHOPPING CNTRE MUST MAKE TO THE WARRIORS BANK EVERY MONTH.3 DESCRIBE how credit unions and finance companies are different from banks.Q1 a large sporting equipment manufacturer, Roosters pty ltd, needs $50000 to set up a website to sell products online. They approach souths bank to borrow the $50000 and the bank agree to lend the money to Roosters pty ltd. The loan agreement requires roosters pty ltd to makes loan repayments every month over the next three years at a fixed interest rate of 7.3%pa.1 describe one difference between a term loan and a lease.2 explain what a special vehicle does when south bank uses securitisation to raise the $50000 for the loan.3 calculate the size of the loan repayment that roosters pty ltd must make to souths bank every month. Q2 the value of managed fund (funds under management) has been increasing over the last two decades. For example, between January 2014 and June 2014 it increased by 12%.1 list and explain two advantage and one disadvantage of investing in a public unit trust rather than putting money into a term deposit.2 Describe how a self-managed superannuation fund is different from other types of superannuation funds.3 explain one reason why cash management trusts became less attractive after the global financial crisis.4 list and explain 2 reasons why this increase has occurred.5 explain how defined contribution superannuation schemes are different from defined benefit superannuation schemes.6 you inherit $50000 and are deciding whether to invest the money in a term deposit with a bank or buy units in a public unit trust. Explain how these investments are different. Q3 the collapse of one of the major banks in Australia will have a dramatic impact on the stability of the Australian payment and financing system.1 explain how the capital adequacy requirement (CAR) will make a bank undertake less risky activities.2 describe how real time gross settlement (RTGS) protects the stability of the payment system.3 list and describe two fees that are charged when people pay using debit cards or credit cards.4 list three risks that the capital adequacy requirement (CAR) covers and explain how a bank is exposed to these risks.5 Explain the role played the reserve bank of Australia in the settlement of retail and wholesale non-cash transactions.6 Describe how an increase in the demand for personal loans can affect the interest rate spread of an authorised deposit taking institution (ADI). In your answer you will need to explain what the interest rate spread is.

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