I need two formal papers and they are one: 1 page summary of an article and 2: 4- 5 pages of a research proposal paper with a bibliography.

1) Review of an article
You are asked to write a 1 page summary of one of the articles available in Attachment file # 1. Your paper should focus on research design and dataonly. The paper needs to address: the main goal of the study (hypothesis), research design (e.g., qualitative v. quantitative), specific research methods used (e.g. survey), research process, sample (size and type), and explanation why the researcher(s) selected these particular methods. The paper needs to be 1 page long with double spacing and font between 10 and 12.
2) research proposal

You will be asked to write a research proposal (between 4 and 5 pages plus bibliography). Your topic has to be related to crime and/or criminal justice system. The proposal will be divided into three main parts: (1) Introduction to the selected topic; (2) Literature review (3) Research design and methodology, including research questions (with a justification of the methodology). You will also include bibliography. The paper needs to follow APA style (the library has a number of APA style manuals). You need to turn in the paper via Turnitin.com


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