Please see the attached file for this assignment.

5 minute oral presentation using 7-10 PowerPoint (PPT) slides

Design and develop a 5-minute PPT Presentation that persuades your classmates to accept the solution—and the criteria used to determine the Solution to the problem identified in your Feasibility Report.

Online sections of this course will add audio and appropriate slide-transition timing to the PPT and post it for viewing by Bb audience members.


Create a 5-minute PPT presentation using 7 to 10 slides.

If you are taking the class online, include audio and slide timing.

Use color, organization, syntax, diction, style, and tone appropriate for your audience (your classmates) and subject.

Locate, evaluate, and integrate information using revision strategies to demonstrate quality skills in writing, visual presentation, and audio/speaking.

Ensure your PPT presentation

Introduces the audience to the purpose of The Feasibility Report

Problems that motivated the Feasibility Report

Person who initiated the Feasibility Report


Criteria upon which Feasibility Report’s recommended solution will be based.

Data/research findings analysis of data against criteria

Concludes with a

Summary giving significance of findings and drawing conclusion based on data/findings in the Feasibility Report

Recommendation for next steps or course of action to be taken based on discussion in report.

Provides research references used in Feasibility Report.



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