• Safety Program – Training Element

    OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard create an outline for the Respiratory Protection training you will need for Wildcat Welding & Manufacturing.

    1. From the standard, identify the training information that is required for your organization’s personnel.
    2. Create a training program outline of the training elements described in the regulatory standard.
    3. Create an evaluation of the program – test, activity, etc. as is required by OSHA.

    Be detailed in your research – your goal is to create a document that could be used to prevent a catastrophic event.Continuing with my example of Confined Space Entry Training…Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Training(1) The employer shall provide training so that all employees whose work is regulated by this section acquire the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary for the safe performance of the duties assigned under this section.(2) Training shall be provided to each affected employee:(i) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;(ii) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;(iii) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;(iv) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.(3) The training shall establish employee proficiency in the duties XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.(4) The employer shall certify that the training XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    Identification of Safety Program Training Elements

    This rubric will be used to determine the level of competence in the learner’s ability to identify Safety Program Training Elements from the regulatory standard requirements.

    Levels of Achievement
    Element Identification Weight 75.00%0 %Learner identified some training elements (less than 50%) of the safety program requirements from the regulatory standard requirements.50 %Learner identified some training elements (over 50%) of the safety program requirements from the regulatory standard requirements.100 %Learner identified all training elements of the safety program requirements from the regulatory standard requirements.
    Regulation Documentation Weight 25.00%0 %Learner did not document the areas where the information was found in the regulation.50 %Learner documented some of the areas where the information was found in the regulation.100 %Learner documented the areas where the information was found in the regulation.
  • Assignment

    5CT2: Respiratory Protection Presentation

    Using the Respiratory Safety Program – Training Element, create a training presentation.An acceptable training presentation has the following elements:

    • References to the OSHA Standard for each area.
    • Keywords/points and graphics on the slides.
    • Use the notes section within PowerPoint to create the “dialog” or “script” that you would use when speaking to the audience about the information presented on each slide. (If you aren’t sure where the notes section is, I have included a presentation tutorial in the Information You Need to be Successful folder.)
    • Use Times New Roman font, and the slides should not contain a font smaller than 28 points. If you have to go 27 or smaller – you have too much information on the slide.
    • Cover Slide
    • Reference Slide – you should at a minimum cite the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard. Use APA formatting!

    Safety Training Presentation Rubric


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