• Write and submit a short Word document (roughly 400 to 500 words, single or double-spaced) that fulfills the following prompt:
    • Based on the readings from Grandin and Blight, write a response that discusses and analyzes two of the following three:
      1. Major developments for African Americans and African Americans’ views/experiences during post-war Reconstruction.
      2. Several important actions/policies/programs of the U.S. federal government in the period after the Civil War.
      3. Debates/conflicts between the U.S. federal government and whites in the former Confederate states during Reconstruction and afterwards.
        • Note #1: For part B, you may write about Reconstruction policies or other federal government policies/actions.
        • Note #2: You may discuss the Loewen article, but the focus of your response must be on Grandin/Blight.
        • Note #3: Please use at least one quote from the Grandin/Blight readings to support your analysis


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