Purpose of Assignment: SLO #1 states that you will learn to evaluate agents of socialization. A Program SLO for Behavioral Science says that you will learn to see the big picture, the connections between concepts and their application, in this class. Additionally, you should learn to analyze the causational/correlational connections between sociological concepts such as agents of socialization and social structure and their outcomes such as life chances and individual experiences.

Instructions: You will write about yourself as a product of society. The contents of Chapters 2-4 and the concept of social location will be your guides in what you cover. Begin by making lists about how the concepts in these chapters apply to your life and how it has developed. Make sure the concepts in bold in the Agents of Socialization and Social Structures document receive attention. Once you have done this, you will organize them into a chronological story of sorts.

Make a header for this section so that it is identifiable. After you have applied concepts to your life, you will identify the most influential social force or concept on your life. You will explain why it’s the most influential, how it has affected your life chances and the choices you have made. This is explaining the relationship between social forces and personal experience.


  • Three pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins on all sides
  • Concepts must be correctly applied.
  • All sociological concepts must be in BOLD so that I can see them easily and you can see exactly what you’ve covered! This will also help you know that you are covering concepts.
  • Both components, concept application and concept connection to experience must be completed for full credit.
  • If you site any source other than the textbook, you must use ASA citation format and include an ASA format citation at the end of the paper. Using other sources is NOT necessary.
  • You need to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If I cannot open it, it isn’t turned in.


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