The highlighted sentences are the main focus of this assignment. These are the same instructions that I have sent you multiple times. The bottom of this page has 5 things to focus on. Answer them individually if it easier. No essay format I’ll do that part myself.

Please check the grammar and articulation


Answer the questions from a teachers perspective:

1. Standards and how the law is related to requiring teachers to use Content Standards to set clear objectives. You would probably want to include at least comments on NCLB legislation. Standards can also refer to effective teaching standards such as National Board Teaching Standards. How do both types of support student learning?

2. Disability Law is predominantly associated with special education programs and students. What do you know about IDEA?

3. Use of Media laws are varied. This can include copyright law, use of the Internet, etc.

4. Protection of student laws will also be varied. What could put a child in danger? Is there a law or group of laws that would protect children from danger?

5. Protection against discrimination can be related to laws as well as court cases. Think of discrimination on a broader scale.

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