When completing this project you will need to download Statdisk program to your computer. Here is the link to download Statdisk : https://www.statdisk.org/accounts/login/?next=/ , At the top where the login is located it will give you the option to download the program. If you have Windows 10 click that option or if you have MacOS click that option. Follow the instructions listed on the project assignment that is attached. Please write full sentences explaining how you got your answers if it asks you to do so and also with the other questions please show full solutions of how you got your answers. I had attached the Statdisk manual for assistance. Please read pages 15-19 in the Statdisk User Manual. Also, if necessary please review Bennett, J. O., Briggs, W. L., & Triola, M. F. (2009). Statistical reasoning for everyday life (3rd ed.). Boston: Addison-Wesley. or 4th edition via etext book or paperback.


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