Your original response to the Discussion topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the Reading and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.

Take time to review the responses of your classmates and respond specifically and substantially to at least two other students’ postings.

Please use your chapter reading and the Library to research peer reviewed journal articles to respond to the following:

Strength-Based Programs and Adversity

In Chapter 4 of your text, you learned the characteristics of a Strength-Based program and a Risk-Based program. You also learned about how individual characteristics can contribute to different responses to adversity.

Please use the reading from Chapter 4 of your text and the Library to research peer reviewed journal articles to respond to the following:

Define adversity and explain how the diversity of the individual contributes to resiliency.

Discuss the characteristics of a Strength-Based community program and a Risk Based community program.

Compare and contrast the two different types of community programs listed above.

Analyze the benefit of identifying and building on strengths in individuals, families, and the community.


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