Topic Name:—  Stroop Research Project: Discussion Section Rough Draft


Your discussion section will serve as a bookend to your research paper. First, you will pick up where you left off in the results section, directly stating whether your hypothesis was supported or not. From there, you’ll come full circle, connect back to previously reviewed research, indicating whether our findings were consistent with past studies reviewed in your Introduction section. Next, you’ll analyze and discuss our own study’s strengths and limitations, and then conclude with reflection specific to the relevancy of our study findings and future research that could be conducted in this area. In other words, you’ll end broadly, with an eye towards the future.

Since your discussion section criteria includes reference to past research reviewed within your introduction section, please make sure to cite and reference those sources you refer to within your discussion rough draft.

Assignment Criteria & Formatting
Your discussion section should address the “Discussion Section Rough Draft” rubric criteria outlined below. Section headings, citations and references should follow APA formatting. A cover page is not required for this rough draft.


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