Project 1. Test of Independence
? The project is upto 2 percent point value toward your final grade.
? It is due Jan 29 11:55 pm.
? Open this pdf file using Acrobat Reader.
(Acrobat Reader is a free software and available here:
If you open the file in a web browser, you cannot save the document as a new file.
? Fill out Page 2 (project report) of the pdf file and save it as a new file.
? Upload the pdf file and a note or an Excel file that shows your work through ?Assignment?
tab in sakai.
In this project, you will collect a (frequency) data based on two discrete variables of your choice
and test independence of the variables. More specifically, you first need to construct a frequency
table with two variables of your chioce. For example, we have seen Gender vs. Years at USA in
the lecture notes. Each variable must split the total observations into at least two and at most four
categories. Assignments for this project will be done by filling out the next page of this pdf file.
In the next page, you will establish a frequency table with total frequency least 100 by manually
collecting data. You are not allowed to copy existing data set or make up a data. Once you have a
frequency table, calculate the test statistic. You can either calculate by hand (and a calcultor) or by
Excel. You have show your work by uploading your note with calculation or Excel file together with
your project report. To conclude your hypothesis test, find the critical value and make conclusion
with the critical value approach with significance level a = 0.1. Finally, make a conclusion based
on your calculation.
Project report
Name: J Number:
1. (0.2 pt) What are the variables of your choice and what are the categories for each variable?
(If the number of categories of a variable is less than four, you can leave rest blanks empty.)
Variable 1:
Categories for variable 1: , , ,
Variable 2:
Categories for variable 2: , , ,
2. (0.1 pt) What is the source of your data.
3. (0.2 pt) Specify the null (H0) and alternative (HA) hypotheses.
4. (0.2 pt) Provide you frequency table by filling out the following blanks.
Variable 1
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Variable 2
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
5. (0.7 pt) What is the test statistic?
(Show your work by uploading your note or an excel file with calculation).
6. (0.2 pt) What is the degree of freedom?
7. (0.2 pt) What is the critical value? (use a = 0.1)
8. (0.2 pt) What is the conclusion?
Reject H0. Two variables are dependent.
Do not reject H0. Cannot conclude that two variables are dependent.


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