Answer the following questions based on the research paper you reviewed.

1.    Do the title and abstract reflect the content of the article adequately?

2.    Is the purpose of the research stated well?

3.    Is the significance of this research explained relative to the existing literature?

4.    Are there adequate references to other research?

5.    Is the article clearly written and well organized?

6.    Are there any typographical and syntactical errors?

7.    Is the length of the article appropriate for the draft stage?

8.    Does the article need to be proofread by a native English speaker?

9.    Is the language clear and jargon-free? Would it be accessible for someone from a different discipline?

10.    Does the paper offer new ideas and contribute to the development of the subject?

After thoughtful consideration, please choose one of the following recommendations:
    Minor revisions
    Major revisions

Please provide feedback to the author with specific suggestions for improvements. The feedback you will be providing is about one page. The document you will be reading is 5 pages. It’s not in an essay format. You will answer each of the questions


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