What can I do to get A’s?

0. Establish great studying habits – Below are ways you will establish great studying habits

0. Find a productive place to study

0. Determined optimal time to study – I learn/study best at this time of day (discuss what time of day you know that you focus better) – study same time everyday

0. Eliminate distractions by blocking off your studying hours and put electronic devices on don’t disturb

0. Study alone

0. Prioritize your class assignments by due dates – so that you can complete assignments ahead of due dates and use the few days prior to the due the date to review your work before submitting the assignment – start with the most difficult tasks first.

0. Ask for help when necessary – request a tutor when necessary

0. Improve note taking skills in class – after class spend a few minutes reviewing and editing your notes so that when you review the notes later they make sense

0. Don’t cram studying into one session – take breaks

0. Ensure you understand the concepts you are studying

0. Begin studying for midterms two to three days before the exam by reviewing notes, graded homework assignments, etc.


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